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The Ljungskile harbour

The balcony at our main building, with an amazing view over the Ljungskile bay

The forest in the neighbourhood

At our school you will find courses that you may want to study or complete after high school years.
   On top of that we offer professional studies within the field of journalism and leisure time leader courses, plus studies that involve international matters, perspectives on life or music.

Educational Programs


Natural Science Primary Year
This course gives credits in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology equal to the High Schools Natural Science Program. You may also chose the General Program that can give you the basic needed credits towards college/university.

Social Science/Life and Humanism Course
The goal of this Course is that you, together with others, will place the human being into a larger context. The studies deal thus not only with our situation in existence, nature, universe, or history, but also about the relationship between people in our surroundings and in the rest of the world. You will work with topical studies in small groups, supported by able supervision, acquire knowledge and understanding through literature, discussions and field studies. The course can lead to basic credentials for further studies.

Music Course (Umus)
This course gives possibilities of combining studies in the general subjects such as Swedish, English, Mathematics and History with basic music studies. One third of the class hours are music-related subjects. Music-reading abilities are not required but preferred. You may be a beginner at the instrument that you chose to play. The course can lead to basic credentials for further studies.

Global Course
The focus is with international relations and topics. We highlight global issues from different perspectives and work with different tools and ways of expression. We use such as film as a tool to explore the world – both by looking at the film and by producing short documentaries. Together, we ask ourselves what human rights, culture, religion and politics does in today's society and for us in our lives.




Leisure Time Leader Course
A recreational leader creates contact, stimulates, and administrates activities that aim at enriching people's recreation. Particular stress is placed on leadership, administration, out-doors life plus existential and international questions.
   To be admitted you must have worked at least six months within the recreational sector. You also must have the necessary entrance credentials. The program is two years and equals 80 points at university.

Journalist Program
The 21st century's media development offers new creative jobs but also puts higher demands on education. The program's duration is 2 years. The first year gives a broad foundation. The second year is a practical and theoretical deepening into newspaper and radio journalism. Radio, desktop in Macintosh and photography are included.

Music Program
Within the Music Program you can acquire both practical and theoretical knowledge, which is directed towards continued studies in for example, music college, or towards making contributions in church work, educational systems other organizations etc.
   You will have teaching in instrument, ensemble, song, music theory and more.

Employment Preparation Course
This is an occupational preparation course for those that want to apply for a job on the open market but have difficulties getting or maintaining a job because of physical, psychological or social hinders and handicaps. The content of the course is divided into periods of theory and internship weeks. Theory is comprised of, among other things: Civics, Contemporary Life and Events, Psychology, Swedish and Mathematics. Internship is done within the individual's area of interest.



Ljungskile Conference Center
The conference center is a part of the folk high school. Here courses and conferences are arranged. Read more about it.




You can choose to live in one of the schools 112 boarding rooms or rent a room or an apartment nearby (commute). Among the boarding rooms you can choose between rooms of varying sizes, with or without toilet. Breakfast and lunch (Monday-Friday) are included in the tuition fee. Cooking facilities are available with stove and microwave in each common room with dish antenna for TV. To live at the school has many advantages:

  • You live in a quiet and beautiful nature environment with an ocean view.
  • You save time by not having to travel and fix your own meals.
  • Homework can by done at any time, either together with classmates or alone.
  • You and your classmates can use the class rooms, library and computer hall late into the evenings every day, even on weekends.
  • You have a lot of optional activities near at hand.
  • To live in the boarding accommodations is an unbeatable way of making friends.

Our boarding students usually say that one misses much of the fun at a folk high school if you do not board there.



Leisure time

Our school has great possibilities to practice music.

  • The school has at its disposition large music resources in the form of instruments, sound systems and practice rooms.
  • These are reserved foremost for the music courses but can be accessible to other students as well.
  • We have for example a practice room for rock music with instruments and sound equipment that can be booked.
  • Pianos are readily available for anyone.

Getting together to play and sing is easy because so many are interested. A bit into the school year shows the result as new music groups form. During selective hours guitar and music workshop have been favorite alternatives.
   Music listening possibilities are great. The music courses have regular concerts at the schools common activities or in the music café, which is the students, own café lounge. Ljungskile has its own jazz club to where renowned jazz musicians are invited once a month.

Sports and outdoor activities
Ljungskile folk high school has access to a nearby gym and our students run their own sport club that organizes – among other things – indoors hockey, badminton, table tennis, volley ball, soccer and "healthy and sweaty".
   If you want to jog or take walks you can choose between the paths to our lakes or the seashore.
   If you wish to conclude your activity you can chose between salt or sweet water.
   The town has soccer clubs, track (Hälle IF) with runners in the elite, sailing association, canoe rental, a gym and an 18-hole golf course. In Uddevalla (15 min. buss trip) there's a swimming pool.

Horse riding
Just a 10 minute walk from the school you'll find a riding school with common horses and a few km farther on you'll come to a farm where you can rent Iceland horses for long distant riding through varying terrain.

The school owns cinema equipment and works in cooperation with Ljungskile Film Studio and Hälle IF to show films every Tuesday evening. We most often show the latest films. The list of coming films is written up on the Film Studio home page.

Our schools library has approximately 15 000 books, 100 magazines, encyclopedias, music, plus much more. We have computers available for research on-line and programs special for topic research in magazines and daily newspapers. The library is open until late every evening.

Computer rooms with internet connected computers are available to our students daily until late evenings, including weekends.

The school has a hobby workshop where you can work with painting, textile, woodwork, metalwork and ceramics. You can partake in organized activities with a leader, but you can also go there whenever you want to and work alone or together with a few friends.

On the school perimeter we have a small beautiful chapel where you can join in on devotional times on certain everyday evenings.

Social Services
In down town Ljungskile you find post office, medical dispensary, dentist, library, grocery stores, pizzerias and restaurants, and most other general stores within a 10 minute walk from the school.

Close to the city
Even though the town of Ljungskile has a lot to offer, it's natural if you at some time want to "go out on to the city". Then it's good to know that you only have a 7-8 minute walk to the train or buss that depart every hour so that you can travel to Uddevalla (15 min) or Gothenburg (50 min).



Conference Center

The conference center is a part of Ljungskile Folk High Schools enterprise. Here the contemporary and traditional are joined together. Conference rooms have a capacity of seating groups of up to 150 people, and for smaller groups there are different group rooms. All the rooms are audio-visually equipped. An audio-visual terminal is close at hand.
   The schools 80 year old pedagogical and cultural tradition complements the conferences with possibilities of enriching the activities. Here you'll find a library, gym, cinema, sauna, solarium and lounges. Music entertainment and other amusements are frequently organized at the school.
   The dining room serves homemade food and offers a gorgeous view. The kitchen gladly arranges for evening snacks, provincial specialties, and picnic lunch for outings or theme days or maybe something else that the guests desire.
   In the unique landscape, but still close to large cities; the conference center offers you a place away from the everyday stress, giving you a possibility to both work and relaxation.

Conference Center of Possibilities
Here's the opportunity to give to conference just that little extra something!
   Here are some examples, you'll see that most every wish can be fulfilled:
· Musicians studying at the Folk High School would be happy to entertain you with jazz, classical or other styles of music.

  • The nature extents great potential for hiking and excursions. You can for example discover the coastland vegetation, orienteering, take survival courses or just jog, all under the guidance knowledgeable leaders.
  • For groups and work teams that need to weld together, there are courses in team dynamics.
  • The ocean is within walking distance from the conference center, and opens up possibilities for sailing, canoeing, swimming or beach-volleyball.
  • Make a journey through Bohuslän via photography!
  • The kitchen arranges for evening snacks, cheese tray, barbecue, shrimp specialty, birthday part or something else - whatever desires!
  • A beautiful little chapel lends to possibilities for worship services and devotions or simply a place for solitary meditation and reflection.
  • At the school there's a cinema that on top of its own film bulletin can rent films for 16 and 35 millimeter size.

The Conference Center can make special arrangements if your course requires a piano or practice room, ordered material, a stage, computers or something else. Tell us what your special requirements are!

Contact us:
Ljungskile Folk High School Conference Center
Telephone: +46 522 68 69 70
Fax: +46 522 68 69 71



Ljungskile –
sea and forest, music and football

Ljungskile is currently known for its football team, which went from 4th division to all Swedish leagues in six seasons. It is now in division 1. Also belonging to the Swedish elite we have the track and field club called Hälle IF named after a sub-division of the town. Of course we have plenty more other than sports.
   The organizations are vibrant; the folk high school acting as a cultural center. The film studio shows films every Tuesday evening in collaboration with Hälle IF. Ljungskile hall arranges jazz concerts, "L´Jazz", one evening per month. This arrangement makes for a full house where local people and students mingle to food and music.
   The town offers most types of service with stores, banks, restaurants, pub, pizzerias, library, drug store and medical stations.
   The ocean inlet with the island Orust just off the mainland situates Ljungskile. Gothenburg lies 70 km to the south and Uddevalla only 20 km to the north. The folk high school employs about 100 people and many other small companies are found nearby. Commuting is no problem.
   Summer time offers swimming, sailing, and other boat related activities. The West Coast winter is unpredictable, but usually the inlet freezes to ice at least several weeks making ice fishing and skating granted sports.



Finding your way to Ljungskile

Ljungskile is situated 70 km north of Gothenburg and 20 km south of Uddevalla. Commuting is good.

Bus or train
Public transport, by bus or train, departs from Gothenburg at least once per hour (travel time is 50-60 minutes) and departing even more frequently from Uddevalla (travel time about 20 minutes).
   Both trains and buses (820, 840 and 860) make their departures from Gothenburg's Central Station. Buses, immediately behind the train station.

Ljungskile is situated by the E6 freeway, 45-60 minutes from Gothenburg and 15-20 minutes from Uddevalla.


Finding your way in Ljungskile

The Folk High School lies on a hill up behind the center of town looking from the port; just a 10 minute walk from the bus and train stations.
   Here you can download a pdf-file with a Ljungskile map (in Swedish) and a pdf with a campus map:

 Map of Ljungskile

 Map of campus


Ljungskile folkhögskola     Besök Valdemar Svenssons väg 11, Ljungskile     Post 459 80 Ljungskile     Telefon 0522-68 69 00